A Conversation With Creatives: Khalipha Ntloko

Hello, my name is Khalipha Ntloko. I’m a 24-year-old BA Honours in Industrial Sociology graduate, Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Photographer specializing in Portraits and Flatlays. I’ve also been a blogger for just over 3 years, and have guest-written articles and interviewed for platforms such as Future Females and The Babe BlogContinue Reading

A Conversation With Creatives: CherishingFlo

One of my favorite things to do is conversate with fellow creatives. In this conversation, I spoke with CherishingFlo who is a social media manager and blogger. I’ve followed her on Twitter for a good minute and enjoy the content and information she shares through her account. In this conversation, she shared some insight into her life as a creative and social media manager. Hopefully, you would get something out of this conversation that will help you in your creative process.Continue Reading

New Music: Week of 7-26

It’s been a great week for music. Possibly one of the best weeks for music this year yet. We’ve gotten new singles from Rick Ross, Big Sean, H.E.R., and more. Chance the Rapper also released his debut album The Big Day this past Friday. So for those who haven’t had an opportunity to sort through all of the new music, here’s a round-up of what to listen to this week.Continue Reading