A Conversation With Ray The Founder of Industry Me

February is here and it’s a month in which I dedicated to getting to know my fellow creatives, This month I will be sharing some of the stories of the creatives around me and even some from overseas. In this first conversation, I will be talking with a fellow blogger Ray Sang. This is her story and I hope you feel inspired by it.Continue Reading

The Rise & Fall Of The CD

I’ve been blessed to be able to grow up in a world where we still had record stores. It was a place where you had to search through crates for new music based mostly off of the album art on the vinyl sleeves, cassette tape covers, or CD books with little promotion for the album. Back then you couldn’t listen to music on the internet before you bought an album. The internet wasn’t even half of what it is today. Even in the 2000s, it would take a day to download an album on dial-up.Continue Reading