Drake’s “More Love” Is As Creative As Music Projects Comes…

On March 18th Drake released his curated playlist More Love on all streaming platforms. Originally everyone believed More Love was going to be another mixtape or album, but Drake flipped the script and released a playlist of songs curated my himself and his OVO crew. The format of the project is identical to the one used on his OVO Sound Radio Show on Apple Music giving you a seamless listen. The album contained contributions from Quavo, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Travis Scott, as well as others.Continue Reading

Is It A Good Idea For Chance the Rapper To Sell His Music?


After reading an article about Chance the Rapper possibly deciding to sell his upcoming project, something came across my mind about how the industry effects independent artists. The reason why Chance is deciding to possible sell his next project is because of how an artist gets credits towards getting their album charted and recognized in the industry. The best way, and only way, you can measure one’s success in anything is how much money they make. Continue Reading