New Music: Week of 7-26

It’s been a great week for music. Possibly one of the best weeks for music this year yet. We’ve gotten new singles from Rick Ross, Big Sean, H.E.R., and more. Chance the Rapper also released his debut album The Big Day this past Friday. So for those who haven’t had an opportunity to sort through all of the new music, here’s a round-up of what to listen to this week.Continue Reading

Drake: The Raptors Super Fan

In celebration of the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA championship, announced that he will be designing the championship rings for the Raptors. It’s clear that Drake is proud of his team. So in honor of the Raptor’s win lets look at the history between the organization and their ambassador.Continue Reading

The Beat Of Your Loveable Core

Finding Your Rhythm In A World That Often Lacks One

You’ve just about checked your phone to the point that you get embarrassed for yourself, yet something just isn’t sitting right.

Deep down you’re wishing to see that one notification that’ll change your life forever.

But it just never appears.

So you keep going and hoping that maybe it’ll appear the next time you check.

It definitely doesn’t help to see the posts online where people are constantly “crushing it” without the feeling of bittersweet happiness creeping in.

Until one day you realize that the beat you’ve been living according to isn’t the one that feeds your soul the way it needs to be fed.

It just may be time to look at the beat you’ve been living to.Continue Reading