Music to Inspire Creatives: Soulful R&B

As  creatives we all need to be able to focus and set the mood for us to help spark our minds into action. For many a popular way people get themselves motivated is by listening to music. In collaboration with David Yarde, I’ve come up with a playlist that will hopefully help get you going in whatever you do in your life.

These playlists I am sharing with  you are among my favorites.  These curated Spotify playlists always help gets me going and focused before I begin to work.. The first playlist titled “Soulful R&B: Smooth Sounds” is comprised of some of the smooth soulful tracks I like to listen and to relax to. Before I go into the makeup of the playlist let me explain that there is a science for the reason music can be healthy and beneficial to you.

Health Benefits of Music

Listening to relaxing music can just as effective at reducing anxiety as a massage or having a glass of wine. At different frequencies music have different effects on your brain. For example, ALPHA brain waves (8 to 14 hertz) are affected by listening to music around 60 BPM’s. They make you relaxed but conscious by allowing your brain to synchronize with the beat. While DELTA brain waves (under 4 hertz) can induce sleep… better sleep  by listening to calming music while you are resting for at least 45 minutes. So when it comes to relaxing your mind R&B, Soul, Jazz or anything around or under 60 BPM’s will help do the trick.

The Playlist

With ‘Soulful R&B: Smooth Music’  I feel like creatives and just anyone can get in their zone by listening to some the most mellow joints from over the last decade or so. The elements in the production are key to help calm your brain and promote focus. The smooth lyrics are also apart of helping you just feel good.

Some of my favorite tracks on the playlists consists of ‘Lions, Tigers, & Bears’ by Jasmine Sullivan , ‘Be Without You’ by Mary J. Blige, and ‘Fire We Make’ by Alicia Keys & Maxwell.

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