Moving forward is hard to do when it comes to dealing with certain things in life. Whether it is a bad breakup, losing a job, or just dealing with the day to day struggles of life, finding the motivation to move on can feel almost impossible at times. As creatives, we must find a way to channel that negative energy into something positive instead of allowing ourselves to drown in our sorrows. I am guilty of falling into this state, but somehow I find a way to move on and use the negative energy to my advantage and you can too. Here’s how I manage to move forward and create.

Use Your Emotions To Spark Creativity While You’re Moving Forward

When I was starting out blogging back in 2006 there was no real direction in what exactly to write. So I focused more on writing about the events that were going on in my life on the daily. Whether it was me sharing about something amazing that happened, random thoughts that came to mind, or a disappointment, I used my emotions to spark the creativity in topics for my blog.

Some of my best work came more from the negatives in my life than the positives because of the raw emotions I shared.

Think of it this way. Most people love artists like Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole at the time when they were singing more about their heart breaks. For them, it was a release and a way to move on from the situation, for others, it was good music and something that helped others move on from a similar predicament. As creatives also have the same power to move on and help others to move forward through our gifts by moving forward ourselves.

Creatives are some of the most influential people out there. Even though we struggle in our lives we must move forward because through our work we can inspire generations.

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