Bryson Tiller’s True to Self has just gotten its physical release this week. The Trap Soul singer’s sophomore album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last month, is being re-released with photography-themed packaging.

“It is wrapped in silver mylar with a yellow sticker documenting the run time and other audio specs of the album, mimicking the metal containers film used to be delivered in,” said Ichiki. “Inside you’ll find the CD label art as a carousel tray of photo slides sitting on top of an overhead shot of a slide projector, representing the memories that were the inspiration behind all of the music on this project. As well as the definition of the phrase that titled the album, True to Self.”

Chase Ichiki, the Creative Director of #JUSTAREGULARDAY

The release of this album, in this creative way reminds me of the good old days when artist spent a good amount of time and thought into packaging their album. One of the best packaged albums I could remember was Kanye West’s Graduation album and Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad in which both traded in the traditional jewel casings or a good quality cardboard cases that opened up with the tri fold. Each included tons of artwork and a poster. The packaging was truly a collectible for fans.

For Tiller to put forth this effort in an age where physical anything is becoming a thing of the past is dedication to me to his fans by giving them something they can hold and have as a unique keepsake. According to Ichiki, the plan was to use every part of the packaging to help tell the story. The album packaging contains unseen photographs, photo slides, and a booklet of personal photos from Bryson’s personal photographer Ro.lexx.

“With the physical packaging of True to Self, Bryson and I wanted to build around a theme that represents his music and gives fans an experience from the moment they see it in stores,” added Ichiki. “We wanted to utilize every component of the album’s packaging from the versatility of a digipak’s panels, the disc art/tray, to the sticker that that goes on top of the package.”

Hopefully other artists pick up on this and dedicate some effort into releasing physical copies. Outside of Tiller doing something special for his physical release August Alsina was the only artist in the last couple of years to promote the physical copy of their music.