This month marks the 10th year since Apple first launched the iPhone, the single device that changed how we interact with technology by getting rid of the buttons on the phone by using a multi-touch touch screen to access everything on a device.  At the time of its release in 2007, the technology of the iPhone was at least five years ahead of its competitors, with advancements in technology and software you could only dream of in the iOs program.

At the time of its release, I remember people absolutely losing their minds trying to get this phone. Before its release, the Blackberry and T-Mobile’s Sidekick was leading the way in smart devices and the Andriod wasn’t even heard of.  By the time the more affordable priced iPhone 3G was released the masses were converting to what is now AT&T who had the exclusive rights to selling the phone.

How the iPhone Redefined the Smartphone in 2007

  • The iPhone was a three-in-one device. It was a phone, iPod, and an internet communications device. The first phone that you could surf the real internet and not just the mobile version of websites.
  • The iPhone got rid of the dedicated keyboard and stylus that was trending at the time and replaced it with the first multi-touch screen.
  • With each installment of the iPhone, the phone became faster and faster. It was the fastest phone in the market each year.
  • Apple created the first App Store with the iPhone 3G, til this day the App Store is still the best of its kind out there with apps created by thousands of developers and cemented the iPhone’s dominance over the last decade.

How the iPhone Continues to Push The Limits

Even after all these years, the iPhone is still pushing the limits of smartphones even after the passing of Steve Jobs. Each even year since it’s birth, the iPhone has added some innovative features to the device. Since 2007 the most innovative part of the iPhone to me is the creation of the best personal assistant to date, Siri. Since its birth, a lot of knock-offs have been created by Apple’s competitors but the original Siri continues to grow almost daily with responses and things she/he can do for you.

The iPhone has also had innovations in the screen display, photo and video quality, and functionality that is the cutting edge to what is the standard in smartphones today.

The Future of The iPhone

In the near future of the iPhone will include improvements in what Siri can do and how users will be able to take and edit photos from their device with better quality cameras.  It is also said that the next iPhone will include wireless charging.

No one knows how the iPhone will truly innovate the mobile device market, but we know and can appreciate what it has done over the past decade. Here’s to the next ten years of iPhones.