Over the last three years Future has had one of the most prolific mixtape runs ever. Fueled by the breakup with his former fiancé Ciara, Future has shown us more of an aggressive attitude starting with his mixtapes Monster and 56 Nights. In both of these projects Future has  shown the stages of depression  starting with his denial and anger, but it wasn’t until recently he’s progressed into the final stages by showing us signs of getting over his heartache and depression  and accepting his fate with the release of his latest album HNDRXX.

Starting with the first track on the album, “My Collection,” Future set the tone of the album by clearing his mind and getting some things off of his chest with his line, “And these codeine habits ain’t got nothin to do with my lil’ child,”  addressing the rumors that Ciara was denying him visitation with their child due to his drug habit. Future also went into describing Ciara’s past counting out the men she’s dated and how he feels that in the end if it’s meant to be that they would end up back together, but regardless she’s apart of the collection of women he’s been with.


The line that I feel expressed Future’s feelings the most on the entire album was on the track ‘Turn On Me’ when he said, ‘I had to look at this lame happy / Try to figure out then why I ain’t happy.”  This line is in reference to his ex’s husband Russell Wilson. It showed that he  is still in the pursuit of happiness and how he’s envious of Russell and Ciara’s relationship.

In the end HNDRXX was different than many other albums being released this year so far. It wasn’t political or an album about the times we are in, but it is an alternative to just that, showing us the human side of people and how we feel and cope. HNDRXX showed how Future overcame his past, sacrificed for his family, and how he is now pursuing happiness.