Review | Chris Brown – Heartbreak on a Full Moon

On Tuesday (October 31)  Chris Brown released Heartbreak on a Full Moon and it’s absolutely an amazing body of work. The album contain 45 tracks long and spans a total of 2 hrs, 39mins. It honestly took me some time to digest, but it is filled with a lot of quality tracks and about 10 legit singles. One of the most amazing things to be noted while listening to this album is the flow of the project. One thing about the album, that wasn’t thought out was how they were going to get the album charted high with a Tuesday release. Since the industry marks the beginning of its week on Friday with releases now the album has half the time to chart the Billboard 200. As for the music, Brown continues to give us well-written tracks and performances. As I said before this album will take some time to fully digest so I suggest you tackle it in smaller bites.

My Favorite Tracks off Heartbreak on a Full Moon

There were a couple of tracks on the album that could summarize the album for those who wouldn’t want to listen to all 45 tracks. These key tracks are also some of my favorite tracks on the album.

  • “Lost and Found” 
  • “Privacy”
  • Juicy Booty (feat. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly)
  • “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”
  • “Sensei (feat A1)
  • “Pills & Automobiles” (feat. Yo Gotti, Kodak Black)
  • ”Even”
  • “Frustrated”

These tracks are also key because they are key tracks that  turned the mood or vibe of the album as you progress through it in order. Even though the album is extremely long and you won’t get through it in one sitting unless your on a road trip, these tracks  act as bullet points to pick up your  listening.

Final Thoughts

The album overall is well put together and have a really good vibe to it. When trying to complete the album I found myself always starting from the beginning of the album. I feel like it would’ve been easier to digest the music if the album was split into two or even three distinct parts. It is crazy that the album is longer than two full length movies. It also seemed like the album was more of a “pick-and-choose” effort instead of one cohesive effort.  In the end most listeners will shrink the album down and create their own playlist of preferred songs off of the project.  Even though it was a rough road for Chris Brown  between. His last album and this release, his fans will be satisfied with this playlist.

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  • Thanks for giving an honest review. I haven’t listened to the album as yet but I’ve been loving all the releases thus far esp Pill & Automobiles…like that’s such a fun song. Plus I love Chris brown as an artist and I missed his work. Great job 🙂 I’ll def give it a listen

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