Unplugged: Time Away From Technology Can Be Therapeutic.

Everyday we seem to spend more and more time using technology to make our everyday lives easier. There’s nothing wrong with that, but most of society is spending so much time looking at social media or having a device glued to our hands that we’ve have become disconnected with ourselves and the people around us. That’s why it’s good to occasionally disconnect  from the digital world and go analog from time to time. Doing so will give you time to focus more on yourself and important tasks that you might have put off.

How I Get Started

The best way to unplug yourself is to pick a day of the week in which you don’t need the internet or email for work. For most people like me that day is Sunday. That’s the day I turn off my phone and other devices to do things that don’t require time online. Of course it’s almost impossible to totally unplug from all technology. If you feel like you can’t do a full day, start with half a day and expand the time little by little and overtime you will be taking full days off. Start with your least used device or service. For me the internet and television are the easiest to go without for the day. Television isn’t really an issue,unless it’s football season, so I can easily sacrifice the minimal time I spend watching.

Things I Do While I’m Unplugged

During the time I’m unplugged, I write in my journal and my planner. Without distractions it’s so much easier to focus on my writing and planning. Planning is the best use of my time while I’m not distracted. I tend to write my goals for the week or month and the steps needed to reach them. Whether it’s creating a budget, writing a grocery list, or a quick to-do list of things that I need get knocked out, I take time out to plan.

Outside of planning I like to spend time reading and looking at the latest publications at Barnes and Nobles. The atmosphere there helps me relax and lose myself in whatever I’m reading. That’s also why getting out the house and doing different activities is important. The change in scenery can help to stimulate the mind and bring fresh perspectives to issues and problems you might be tackling.

It’s also important to gather with friends, family, or your partner and have face to face conversations. It’s probably my favorite thing to do outside of cleaning up around my house, which also helps me to organize my thoughts.

How would you get started? Is there is any gadget/app/website ruling over you like your cell phone, Facebook, or Instagram that you need to break from? No matter how you answered that question you should definitely take some time and unplug.

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