Check Out What Music I’m Listening to This Month (January)

We are two weeks into the new year and we haven’t really gotten any new music yet. With the Migos gearing up to release Culture II and Rae Sremmurd putting the final touches on their third installment of their Sremmlife series, we are left in a void of new music. Regardless of the void I am still stuck on listening to some timeless tracks from over the last decade along with some more recent hits from 2017. Here are some of the tracks that have been in heavy rotation.


When it comes to what I’m listening to the last couple of weeks it has been filled with a lot of throwback tracks from the early 2000s. Tracks from some amazing songwriters from the likes of Ne-Yo, Drake, Chris Brown, and Alicia Keys. The lyrics from these songs just sink into my soul and take me to certain moments in my life. Heres a brief list and short commentary of some of these songs that I am listening to on Apple Music.

Alicia Keys – “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) The song was written alongside Drake and Kerry Brothers Jr. This song takes me back to a time before the song was even released. To a period when I first encountered my first real love and the feelings I had trying to build the courage to begin this new relationship. ‘Un-Thinkable’ actually captures that nervousness you feel when you first think about getting serious in a relationship with someone you really love. As the song goes on it shows how you transition into actually doing it and being confident in those feelings you feel.

Jamie Foxx (ft Drake) – “Fall For Your Type” This song was also written by Drake alongside Noah “40” Shebib. This song was written in typical Drake fashion and performed beautifully by Jamie Foxx.


Quavo (ft Lil Yachty) – “Ice Tray” This is probably the most infectious song for me right now mostly because of its chorus. Quavo is still riding his own wave and I don’t see any slowing down at the moment especially with Culture II releasing this week.

Drake – “God’s Plan” ‘“God’s Plan is a feel-good track that discusses Drake’s future. Being who he is in the industry he knows that people want him to fail, however, God won’t let him do that.’ –Genius

Drake’s- “Diplomatic Immunity “Throughout this track, Drake lists off the different things his immunity as a global artist provides him. From material objects to winning awards to pregnancy claims, this song truly outlines the life Drake is living.” –Genius

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