Album Review: Migos – “Culture II”

Since the release of Culture I Atlanta’s beloved trio the Migos have truly changed the culture of hip-hop. In a way I would say they are modern day rocks stars and changed the landscape of the industry as we knew it. Over the last year it seems like they were always in the forefront for either their own singles, features, or controversy. Together or separate, this trio seem to be ready to continue riding their own wave into the new year with the release of Culture II. Here is my review on their second installment of their Culture series with some commentary on some of my favorite tracks from the album.

The Synopsis of Culture II

By making their latest album the second installment to the first the expectations are that they will show progression between the two albums. Even though they did show their growth as artists, they managed to water it down with too many filler tracks. The album consisted of 24 songs compared to Culture’s 13 songs which consisted of almost no fillers. Maybe the label is trying to game the Billboard’s and RIAA rules, in which 1,500 individual song streams equals one full album sale. Regardless their label Quality Control isn’t really controlling the quality of music that’s being released. Just last month the label released its 30 track compilation album featuring the trio in some form or fashion heavily on the project. For me it seems like the label isn’t trying to control the quality of the projects they are releasing including the Migos’ music, but opting to sneak their artists onto the charts the cheap way.

Regardless of mixed review of Culture II, the album is expected to top the charts its first week. There are some good songs in the album, you just have to find them in midst of the fluff. While listening to the album I found myself hitting the skip button more than often than not. The Migos gambled by having so many tracks on this album and over half of them having different sounds that your not accustomed to from them. It’s a gamble that right now they seem to be losing with their fans.


Experimental Side of Culture II

On “BBO (Bad Bitches Only)” featured 21 Savage with Kanye West assisting on the production you can hear them rap over muted horns. With “Made Men” they gave us a more loungey sound. “Too Playa” was produced by Quavo. On the production they performed over a saxophone lead beat. I would even say the instrumental was inspired by Future’s “Mask Off” with its flute heavy beat. The most interesting track the trio preformed on the album was “Stir Fry” which was produced by Pharrell who always gives you an unique beat.

The Mixtape Side of Culture II

Other than those tracks the album consisted of the typical Migos feel with a Quavo hook going into a Quavo verse. “Motorsport”, the album’s leading single, is the second highest charting Migos song behind “Bad & Bougee” and features Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. It’s definitely my second favorite song on the album behind “Walk It Talk It”. “Walk It Talk It” features Drake and is expected to be the third single off of the project. Even with Drake the track lacks a high replay appeal for me with its repetitive hook.

In summary Culture II feels more like a drag than anything else. In order for me to enjoy the album, I had to actually take out all of the songs I felt were fluff and rearrange the tracks to my liking. I shouldn’t have to do that with an album. It’s really unclear where they were really going with this album, but it’s obvious that they are trying to diversify their resume and find ways to change the culture of music once again.

Have you listened to the album yet? If so share your thoughts about it below in the comments section.


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  • Reply Jasmine Barnes February 3, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    I’m not really a Migos fan, but I like the detail in this. The breakdown is helpful for someone like me. I may give this album a listen. Good job.

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