SZA Proves That An Award Doesn’t Measure Success

Even though she was snubbed out of the five Grammys she was nominated from, SZA shows that accolades don’t measure her success as an artist. Since the release of Ctrl. she has received a unanimous praise from critics, five Grammy nominations, chart-topping singles, and became a representative for the Jordan and the Gap brands.

In a recent interview with GQ SZA discussed how she was frustrated and “mad as hell” about not getting a single Grammy for her work on Ctrl. In her words, she felt that she fell short and failed her fans, but in the end, realized she didn’t make the album for the Grammys. For her, “this is something much bigger than me and a fucking trophy.”

The Measurement of Success

The measurement of her success shouldn’t be trophies, but of how people receive her music and her other work. Since the release of Ctrl. SZA has had over a billion streams on Spotify and other streaming services. Instead of opening for other artists she is now headlining her own tours. She has come a long way in terms of her career and I can only foresee her going higher than she has already managed to do.

Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg

“People place too much importance on the entire situation in general, and place too much importance in the institution.”

Even though SZA isn’t a rap artist it’s become a common thing for urban artists to get snubbed in the Grammys, but that had no effect on how urban artists affected the industry over the years. Even after topping the charts and breaking streaming records, these same artists getting snubbed are gaining more than enough justification and acknowledgment for their success in the music industry. So who needs awards when you’re breaking records and billions of people are obsessed with your work?

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