The soundtrack to a show or movie is more important than you actually realize. The song choice for a scene can set the feel and make both the scene and song memorable for the viewer. Issa Rae realized the importance of a soundtrack for television when she developed her show Insecure and brought on Ralphael Saadiq to work on music for season one of the show. The second season she introduced Solange Knowles to serve as a music consultant.

As for Donald Glover and his Atlanta show, the music supervisors have put together one of the realists and memorable track listings for the show. I say realist track listings because being from the city I can honestly say it’s music we typically listen to in the settings he set them in. The show’s soundtrack isn’t just full of artists from the city but also have some classics like “Hey! Love” from the Delfonics.

So check out the playlist from the show that will be continuing to be built as the season continues. As you listen to the tracks see if you can remember the scenes these songs came from.