“Drake’s Plan”

Drake season is in full effect as he breaks yet another Billboard record. With “God’s Plan” Drake has become the first male artist to have two singles spend 10 weeks at No. 1 on the charts. Not only is Drake making waves with his music, he has made big business moves as well setting the perfect stage for a new album. This isn’t anything new for the star, for he’s made the same moves before he released Views this time in 2017. So what exactly is Drake’s plan? Let’s discuss Drake’s path to what some believe is Take Care 2.  

Step 1 – Securing The Apple Deal 

Back in 2015 Drake signed a deal with Apple Music that was said to have been worth $19 million. The deal included him promoting the brand and exclusivity of his music sales and his radio station on Beats 1. Unlike Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Drake only was exclusive with his albums during its first release then expanded out to other services.  

Just recently Industry experts believe he renewed his deal with Apple due to his radio show OVO SOUND RADIO’s return after a three-month hiatus. Securing a renewed deal gives Drake the power to release his album at any second he wishes with extra cash in his pocket from the exclusive deal with Apple.  

Step 2 – Drop A Lead Single That Takes Over Social Media & The Airwaves 

Even though his current single ‘God’s Plan” is listed as a song on his EP Scary Hours, I expect him to add it to the new album’s track-listing to get the boost in credits for album sales. This is a typical tactic that artists do to gain more credit towards album sells. So, by landing a single that is as big as ‘God’s Plan’ Drake is setting himself up to have a huge first week whenever he decides to release his album. With the track going viral because of the kind acts he performed throughout the music video, the song is getting a huge boost in streams which is the number one goal for him leading to the album’s release. 

Step 3 – Execution  

Since Drake obtained his exclusive deal with Apple he hasn’t been known to give out release dates until the day of on his radio show in which he usually debuts the project. The excitement of an album being released on a minute’s notice seems to always draw more people into listening than giving them a date to wait on.  

By following his process by enticing his listener’s curiosity by dropping bread crumbs on social media and actively promoting himself as a featured artist, Drake’s plan always delivers on the charts and his impact on the industry.  



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