Lil Wayne has been very hands-on when it comes to mentoring his own protégés, especially when it comes to Drake. The two have worked together in the studio and releasing tracks for over a decade now. At one point were even rumored to have worked on a collaborative album together. Inspired by Apple Music’s “Partners In Rhyme: Drake & Lil Wayne,” here’s a look at the relationship between Drake and Wayne.

The Beginning

It all began after Jas Prince introduced Drake to Wayne in Houston and Wayne welcomed him on tour. During the duration of the tour, the two began recording heavily together despite Drake not being under his label. Regardless of this Wayne invested time into showing Drake the ropes as an artist. They recorded “Ransom”, “I Want This Forever”, and “Brand New” (Remix).

The Collaborations

After signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint the duo continued to collaborate on a normal basis creating a nice catalog of hits. In 2011 they were rumored to have worked on an album together, but due to something behind the scenes, it never came to pass. Collaborations from both Tha Carter IV and Take Care was set to have been on that unreleased project. She Will” and ”HYFR”, tracks off those albums, were products of their studio sessions for that unreleased project. If you listen to them closely you can tell what the vibe of that album would have been.

In the end, I feel like Drake and Wayne will continue to push each other forward and make great records. With this Apple Music playlist, it shows that throughout time these two have consistently created unforgettable tracks that you will still remember the verses. Check out the “Partners in Rhyme: Drake and Lil Wayne” below.