In this new age of how music is handled and released has been a game changer in the music industry. Instead of going through getting albums pressed and distributed through retail, artists now simply upload their work to music streaming services and it’s released. Shortening the process and giving the arts more time to finish their work up to moments before the album is to be released. Not only does this give them the ability to release their music at a moments notice, but also the ability to update their tracks and albums.

Even though streaming albums has been a thing for a while now updating albums haven’t been a common thing for artists to do. After all, once you complete an album it’s supposed to be actually complete correct?

Kanye’s Overhaul of Life of Pablo

Well, that wasn’t the case for Kanye West who was the first artist to actively change his album after its release. With the Life of Pablo, Kanye tinkered and tampered with the album long after its release. Truth be told, Kanye released the album completely unfinished to TIDAL and finished it right in front of our eyes as he released it on other platforms. In the end, Kanye made adjustments to almost every song on the album including the track listing.

More Artists Start to Update Album Tracks

Kanye wasn’t the only artist to decide to make edits to his album after its release, Young Thug also updated a track on his Beautiful Thugger Girls album. On his track “You Said”, he decided to add a verse from Quavo. Most recently Travis Scott decided to update NAV’s vocals on his track “Yosemite”. In the original cut of the song listener’s, we’re complaining that NAV’s vocals were to low and listening back they were absolutely correct.

Looking at the ability to update and edit albums after its release is amazing overall if it’s to correct errors such as Travis’. Yet being able to recreate an entire album in-front of our eyes is a bit extreme. Now there are rumors that Nicki wants to completely change a hook on a track she just released almost a day or so on her album. Personally I feel like for the right reasons it’s ok to correct a song, but to change it just because you had a change of mind isn’t a good look. Overall it’s cool to see how technology is transforming the world around us, especially in the music industry.

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