It seems like cuffing season is in full effect as we are getting closer and closer to Fall. With the state of R&B in reflux, some may need help picking out some new R&B tracks for playlists or just to listen to. With this article, I hope to fill you in on the state of R&B and also help you pick out some good tracks for your own playlist.

Starting with 6LACK’s East Atlanta Love Song featuring Future. This song along with Khalid’s Better andOTW,” makes me believe this will be more emo-like songs this year. Regardless, the smooth melodic sounds in these songs are good to vibe and just chill to.

They aren’t the only ones capitalizing on the emo vibe. Drake, one of the most well-known artists to produce this kind of music,  has continued his success in creating this kind of music. His track After Dark featuring Static Major & Ty Dollar Sign is one of my favorite cuts off his latest album and made my list.

Emotional R&B isn’t the only thing that seems to be trending as we head closer to the end of the year. More soulful songs and duets are getting good rotations as well. Daniel Ceasar’s Best Part featuring H.E.R. is a good example of just that. H.E.R.‘s Could’ve Been” featuring Bryson Tiller also gets an honorable mention for its contribution to my theory.


One artist that I feel that will always be a staple in today’s R&B is Chris Brown. His latest singles from Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Hope You Do, is next on my list. This single comes almost a year after the album’s release proving that his music is timeless. Maybe because of the album’s insane length it took a while for fans to fully get into it. He is maybe the only artist I can think of who is keeping the more traditional sound of R&B alive.

Overall R&B music seems to be making a nice step back into the mainstream. Even though I’m not a fan of the emo trend, I feel that it is only the beginning of something that this good for this generation like how each era’s R&B was for that time period.