This weekend we took the opportunity to talk to hip-hop artist Da Deputy about his career so far and his new EP Elinor. The project was released on all streaming services last Tuesday  (10/23) and has definitely made an impression on me. The first track, ‘To The Fullest’, was probably my favorite track on the EP and made me want to dig into this project and the artist behind it. Here’s the conversation Da Deputy and I had about his latest project and the road to its release. Enjoy.

First of all, please let us know more about you.  Can you tell us about growing up and how you found a love for music and your way to Atlanta?

Of course, well my stage name is Da Deputy. People call me Dep. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, Born and raised. I’m from the north side of the city, but I lived all over Fort Worth. We moved around a lot, more times than I can count. So I experienced all sides of the city very early. Made relationships everywhere I went, so when I started rapping publicly the word spread kind of quick.  

I started rapping around 11 years old and was already a fan of music, especially Texas rap. The day I heard Chamillionaire & Paul Wall’s “N Luv Wit My Money” record I knew I wanted to rap. I was hooked at that point.  

I’ve been in Atlanta for 3 years now. My wife (Chloe) and I, really wanted to get out of Texas and pursue our dreams elsewhere. We felt like we did all we could go back home and we reached a glass ceiling. We were contemplating Los Angeles at first, but due to the price of living out there, we changed our mind super fast. Atlanta was our second choice. After talking to a close homie of mine named Prezwho is an A&R at Atlantic Records, he gave me the pros and cons of LA and the benefits of being in Atlanta. That move was by far one of my best ones I’ve made so far. 

Your project ‘Elinor’ has just been released on all streaming services. What were the thoughts behind the process of putting this EP together?

Man, it really wasn’t too much thought behind it at all. I just hit a real groove in my creating process and before I knew it, I stacked up almost 30 records. Then I met a producer by the name of Big A at this radio interview I had in Atlanta getting interviewed the same day. I have to shout out the “Degrees & Chuck T’s” Radio Show because that was where we were at. They linked Big A and me up. As we talked we realized we stayed around the corner from each other so we linked up and we’ve been cooking up ever since.

Big A, Chloe,  my best friend/producer Tawaine Hall and I, were all excited about all these new records so we put together this EP. Both Hall and Big A were both giving me some fire production, and from there I created. After that Chloe and I recorded everything and got it sounding the way we wanted. 

The EP was named “Elinor” after the street I’m from on the north side of Fort Worth, Texas. The artwork for the project was also shot over in the same area and the outfit I wore on the cover and the vibe of the music reflects that of the area to me. It was important to me that all of those things went together.  


When listening to the album I can’t help to notice your flow and style seems reminiscent of Wale’s own style.

I’ve been hearing the Wale comparison since about 2010. It’s not a shocker to me at this point. I think he is an amazing artist so I take it as a compliment. The more people take in the music, they will see the differences between us.

Can you tell us some artists that have influenced your music and style?

Jay Z, Chamillionaire, Pimp C, Outkast, and J. Cole are a few artists who inspired me. I’m from the South, so anything southern is going to inspire me due to the slang, production, and content being so prominent in my upbringing.  

What are some things you have lined up in the near future? Any shows, events, or features on the way?

I have some interviews that I am super excited about. I will also be doing a lot of traveling to different markets and regions to spread the music and features that are coming. There will be some shows for sure. The stage is where the listener can really get the full experience of the music. These are some exciting times for me now. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

My new EP “Elinor” is out now. Available on all streaming platforms. Visuals on the way. @dadeputy on all social media platforms. Also, thank you to The Broken Robotz for reaching out. I really appreciate this. 

 Check out Elinor and let us know what you think in the comments. It’s available now on all streaming platforms. Just click here and listen to it on whatever platform you choose.