With Ella Mai gaining so much attention, more international R&B artists are starting to rise here in the states. One particular artist by the name of Nao is beginning to take advantage of the opportunity. Her album Saturn seems to take after SZA’s CTRL by highlighting the secondary coming-of-age that occurs in your late 20s. This alone gives the album an appeal to what most listeners love. Nao is going to do well here as an artist and I’m going to tell you why.

The album’s name Saturn ties in with astrology and occurs around a person’s 29th year when then planet orbits back to the location it was at the time of their birth. This period is said to bring an energizing but painful period of reflection of one’s life. With this album, Nao wanted to take her listeners through this period in her life sparked by the end of her long-term relationship.

Key Tracks

One of my favorite tracks ‘Orbit’ summarizes the complete feel of the album. You can even say it is the centerpiece of the project. On the track, she sings about how hard it is mentally after a breakup. She sings about how it is at the end of a relationship and not wanting to let go. This song hits a chord with me personally and I’m sure many other listeners as well.

Another key track is ‘Make It Out Alive’ featuring SIR. The song is about finding your way through life and relationships while trying to make it out alive. I feel this was her attempt at trying to give her listeners a more radio-friendly straight-R&B cut. The track worked well for her and is definitely a highlight of the album.

Nao’s voice, dynamic songwriting, and production sucked in from the first listen. This album was easy to listen to and get lost in. She can definitely be An artist that helps lead in new wave of R&B if she’s marketed right. If you haven’t heard Saturn yet please check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments. It’s available now on Apple Music and all other streaming services.