This year has been a really good year for R&B. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing artists take steps forward in helping bring the genre back to its roots. H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Ella Mai, 6LACK, and Khalid allowed listeners to connect with their music by bringing transparency to their music. They focused in on the ups and downs of love and relationships along with the lessons they’ve learned dealing with it.  As a result, there were more people listening to R&B and even more hit this year than in earlier years. So here are some of the R&B songs this year I loved and couldn’t get enough of this year. What songs were you feeling this year? Who would you want to hear more of next year?

6LACK – “Pretty Little Fears” (ft. J. Cole)

On ‘Pretty Little Fears’, 6LACK shared feelings of a failed relationship while Cole, in retrospect, spoke about the relationship he and his wife has. Throughout the chorus, the two asked significant others to tell them straight up what’s on their mind after sharing what was on their own minds in their respective verses. This song along tackles the number one thing everyone wants in a relationship… Transparency.

Khalid – “Better”

Khalid’s ‘Better’ is possibly his best song to date. The song is basically being friends with benefits. Throughout the song, Khalid talked about how he’s alright with being the secret lover because the love and affection she gives him feel so good to him.

Ella Mai – “Trip”

This song has an interesting concept. In ‘Trip’ Ella Mai talked about she was wrong in a situation in her relationship. Typically it’s the other way around, and the female talks about how she was wronged. ‘Trip’ was basically an apology for possibly over thinking a situation or creating something that didn’t actually exist in their relationship.

Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. – “Best Part”

‘Best Part’, at the time of this post, is nominated for best R&B performance at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The song is about sharing the love and admiration they have with their significant others. I just loved this duet.