Now that we are in 2019 a lot of people have begun to put their year in focus. Some have written their goals and ambitions for the new year down in their planners and notebooks. Others have just taken time to meditate and take mental notes on what they would like the year to be for them. Regardless of the method everyone is trying to bring their new year in focus. While you are thinking about 2018 here are some things to think about.

* What do you want to leave behind his year?
* What things do you want to learn this year?
* How will you improve yourself by years end?
* What would it look like if this year went perfect? How would you go about making this a reality?
* What’s the theme for the year?

These are important things to also answer while you are getting focused for the new year. Not only should you think about these things listed you should write it down along with your other goals and thoughts for 2019. Giving yourself something to look at as a reminder will help keep you on track.

Try keeping a journal to help keep things in perspective. Write about your days, hopes, and dreams rather they are good or bad. Doing this gives you something to look back on and track your thoughts and progress throughout the year.