Blogging for me is a release and a way to share my thoughts with the world. For others, it is the same and sometimes more. With Batmom85 it’s more than just a release. It’s a dream that she is now making a reality. In my conversation with her, I saw some of the similarities with my own journey as a blogger. From wanting to be noticed to the time spent working on content for my readers. With no further adieu, here’s my conversation with Shalya, also known as Batmom85. 

Who is Shayla?

Is it weird I never know how to describe myself? I’m very good at describing everything else..  Well here goes, I’m Shayla-Marie Anderson but online I’m known as Batmom85!  I’m 34 from Temecula, California. I’m a mom of two beautiful daughters, a pre-wife to a fantastic man, and your neighborhood friendly nerdy chocolate woman.

By day I’m a private pediatric nurse, but I night I do what I really love which is to create. I create content online and run a lifestyle blog for millennial moms both who work and stay at home, who want to stay in the loop about pop culture, vegan cooking, and alternative lifestyle hacks.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I just never knew how to pursue that. In my mind writers didn’t look like me. I just didn’t know what it entailed. At the age of 11, a poem I wrote was printed up in the local newspaper and I loved seeing my name in type. It was the first time in my life that my work was published. It was something about just sparked in me. I’ve always been better at expressing myself with my writing and not just my words. I was just born to be a writer. I just didn’t think I could make a living as a writer. I’m a realist. I went where the money was and not my happiness. That was a mistake.


What Inspires Shayla.

I get inspired from all over. Things like scrolling down my timelines, watching tv, or just talking to my daughter. There are so many things that genuinely excite me and when I get excited I have to tell EVERYONE! I love that writing is like a painting. You’re painting pictures in the minds of readers with words. You can create whole worlds with words and everyone one will see and feel your words different. I thrive on making people feel something.

Normally when I’m writing a passionate piece about my life it’s raw and in the moment. My soul bleeds on the keyboard and I just emote. When I receive a comment that my piece moved someone to tears it’s rewarding. That’s the high. They felt the message I was trying to convey. It’s a crazy exchange of energy when I write. Each word is me, my thoughts, my actions, and my art. I take my words seriously and practice writing every day, I love it that much and I love the fact that I’m free when I write. Writing is my superpower. When I can’t do anything else, I know I can write. I just love the art writing so much. Everyone can do it, but no one does it same, that’s what I love the most.

The challenges of being a blogger.

One of the things I deal with is thinking that I’m not as good as other writers. Another challenge I face is self-doubt. I doubt every word I write until I see views or get a reaction. That’s a miserable way to be. I gave myself an ulcer during the first 6 months of blogging from stressing and worrying about what everyone would think. Finally, I got to a point where I was just happy creating my art and stopped living and my head.

My greatest challenge is challenging myself. Creating goals I can’t meet and then feeling awful when I don’t meet the mark. It’s strange that I bring it on myself I know, but I have to understand this is my dream and if I’m talented it will show. I just have to stop worrying and doubting my work. It’s hard coming from being a nurse getting instant gratification when I do a job well done. It’s not the same with blogging. You can spend weeks on a post that not a soul reads. You just have to take it in stride and keep going. That’s been a challenge for me. I need a shiny fridge to put my accomplishments on and blogging doesn’t have that. You have to create that for yourself and create your own luck, lane, and opportunity in this business. I’m learning that quickly.

Another challenge I face is being a black female content creator that doesn’t have an ass, long hair, or a certain look. I’m dark skinned with short natural hair. I’ve actually learned to embrace that more and connect with other creatives like me. It’s been really beautiful to connect and network with so many black creatives. That’s been the greatest part of this.

Shayla’s tips to become a blogger.

Just do it! Start fast! Make mistakes and learn.

It’s a great journey, you’ll go as far as you want to take yourself. I’ve learned this is the life for me and I’ll work as hard as I have to gain the success I see for myself in this industry.

If you want an opportunity, MAKE IT!

If you want to be seen, STAND OUT! Be yourself and show up to your job online EVERYDAY.

If you want it, be your own biggest cheerleader. Reward yourself for every milestone. They ALL matter. Don’t let the numbers drive you crazy. Use them to gauge your progress, not your worth as creative.

You don’t get a dollar per follower, you get paid for high-quality content. Work on your content and the followers will come.

Where Shayla sees herself next year.

I wake up at 0400 to write a blog post, study hashtags, listen to podcasts and carry out what I learned and grow. I want this to be my career and I want to be a creative entrepreneur as long as I can. That means learning how to have an income from my talents. Applying for freelance writing jobs, actively growing my social media, networking. I want this, so I work like I want it.  My dream is to be able to wake up and create from home. If that’s blogging one day or shooting food photos or working on a brand campaign with my fiancé. I can see myself working from home, just creating and loving the life I have. That’s really all I want. I was given this beautiful family and I just want to be home with them.

I work hard and see myself launching my 1st book July and living nice on my new stream of income from my little books sales and working on my second book by this time next year. I’ll be married and probably have my last child and hopefully, all my social media and blogging efforts have progressed.