There are a lot of creatives and influencers I follow on Instagram and Dione is one of my favorites.  Seeing her and her family work together to build and promote their family business is amazing. It takes a special person to balance being a wife, mother, creative, and business woman. So lets take a look at a conversatoin with Dione, also known as Laufty Life.

Who is Dione?

My name is Dione and I am the founder of the Laufty Life Blog and SWURLY, a silk hair accessories line. I have two perfectly blended biracial daughters Giana and Misha.  While doing their hair I recognized the challenges of caring for it, being that it is a different texture than mine or my husbands. As an expert in wellness and relaxation, I have always been interested in the body.  I have Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a license for massage therapy, nail technology, and Aesthetics. 

Back in the day, I owned a successful boutique day spa in Madison, for eight years that offered luxury spa treatmentsAs the company grew to need expansion and my daughters got older, I decided it was time to sell the company in 2016.  Although it was profiting at its peak, I had a desire for a better work-life balance and more quality time with my family.  However, my passion for selfcare, preventative healthcare, and pampering didn’t go away.

My Start At Blogging

Utilizing that knowledge and sharing the skills I’ve acquired I decided to write. I have taken the research and knowledge about my passions and turned them into a wealth of resources for multiracial families like ours. Laufty Life Blog offers natural haircare regimens, hairstyles for curly kid’s hair specifically.  Along with talking about the surface level of how we maintain and protect our curls the blog also dives deeper into their unique identity circumstances.  

We enjoy vacationing near and far so I also write recommendations for allinclusive travel and traveling in Wisconsin. Even when we are home I like to entertaining style.  You can find party planning inspiration on the blog as well.  I became a published author in 2018 after attending the Write by the Lake workshop at UW-Madison and submitting one of my pieces.  

Starting My Business

In Spring of 2018, I launched a brand of hair accessories named SWURLY.   SWURLY– it is a product line of silk hair accessories including silk pillowcases, silk sleep caps, silk hair ties, and silk lined winter hats.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always had a love for novels and have been an avid reader. Reading and writing go hand in hand and I often feel inspired by others work.

When I opened the spa there was a lot of writing involved in that venture.  I wrote the menu, service protocols, company policies, and the employee manual.  It wasn’t always fun writing per se but the commitment and willingness to carry across a theme and a vision were required.

What Inspires My Blog

After I sold my business, I had the option of staying home with the girls.  I wanted a slower pace and time with my family however I still needed a creative outlet.   The blog is that for me.  It is a collision of all my passions.

I’m still passionate about self-care and self-love and the body fascinates me from our muscular makeup to our hair cuticles.  My inspiration and ideas for the posts come from my everyday life as a chocolate overachieving Midwest mama. Inspiration can come from nature, our travel, my marriage, shared experiences, deep conversations with stimulating people.  I love building relationships and traditions.

Currently, I have a new obsession with photography on a very amateur level and I often have a vision for the photos I take.  I live in those moments.  Later on, I go back edit and write about my experience uncovering the topic and finding the meaning in those moments. 

How I Overcame My Challenges.

Writing presents a lot of new challenges for me. I always want to excel in the things I pursue and I am rewriting my career by pursuing the blog and product line fulltime. At the moment, I am reinvesting in myself with a new venture which brings some anxiety and a lot of groundwork.

My second year at the writer’s workshop, I had a tough time getting into the grove of it.  The workshops are broken into sections that are narrowed down by what the writer’s interest and goals are: completing a novel, writing for teens, nonfiction, book proposal etc.  The class I chose was writing meaningful nonfiction.  

I am such a neurotic type A personality, I want to know what’s next?  What’s the game plan? The instructor I had was a much more laid back style, a creative approach with space to write within a framed outline.  We were told to use the writing prompts and let them take us where they will.  I just felt like I paid for her to just tell me how to write better!  

Now I can see the value in that workshop.  Take the prompt, just write, you can always go back and find the meaning, plot and make edits but at least you have content to pull from.  Just 15 minutes a day.


SWURLY is a product line of silk hair accessories inspired by my daughter’s hair.  As I got more creative in doing protective styles on my girls, I wanted to ensure they would last. It is customary for ethnic women to wrap their hair while they sleep.  Tossing and turning while we sleep creates friction, damage, and breakage.  Curly, Kinky, Coily hair is often fine and fragile.  I tried protecting their hair with satin bonnets that just wouldn’t stay on.  

Now women with all hair types are catching on to the preservation of strands.  While satin mimics the properties of silk there is no denying the difference between satin and silk.  Silk is the real deal made from a natural fiber. While poly-satin is a weave made to mimic the properties of silk.

The SWURLY line up of fashion-forward sleepwear is made in the Midwest with 100% imported silk, our silk sleep caps and pillowcases are as fashionable as they are functional.   The benefits of silk date back centuries and include length retention and style preservation and moisture retention.  Seamless the fabric promotes fewer tangles and breakage, and damage.  

Kiss those frizzy hair days away with SWURLY sleep caps and Sleep Pretty on our luxe pillowcases.  The pillowcases offer additional anti-aging benefits.  Spring 2019 the children’s adjustable sleep caps will be available on the website  Don’t settle for poly-satin, crown yourself in silk.

Tips For Those Starting Out As A Blogger or Entrepreneur.

Have resilience, nothing is as easy as it seems when you are in the wanting stage. It’s a big learning curve to run a blog if you don’t have IT skills. I had a stagnant website that was built by a programmer with the spa so I knew nothing about SEO or programming. The technical side isn’t fun for me so I had to study up. Stay committed and confident.  

I listen and learn weekly.  Read an article, watch a tutorial listen to a podcast. The tools are out there if you’re willing to look and listen.  Have patience building any business takes time and effort and more time and more effort.

Where I See Myself In A Year.

My focus has shifted to the production of the SWURLY children’s caps for spring.  I am meeting with several salons to propose they retail the line. Once I started shifting my attention to the product side of my business, the blog views increased and I became more intentional with my posts because I had less time to add content.  

I want to continue to learn and take at least one writers class this year and attend a couple of events showcasing my products.  I intend to continue adding valuable and relatable content to the blog weekly. Educating on the benefits of silk and selling beautiful sleep caps.

I want to partner with the right companies for paid collaborations. To be consistent and intentional about feeding both sides of my business while maintaining my supermom status with high ambitions.

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