As we continue our series of conversations with creatives we speak with John Aiwone. He is a travel blogger who shares his stories of travel with his readers. Let’s take a look at the conversation we had about how he became the blogger he is today.

I’m John, a lot of people refer to me as Johnny cause of my socials, but I’m cool with either. I’m a travel blogger with the occasional lifestyle post on the blog. Outside of blogging (because there’s more to me than the blogger), I am a sports coach at primary schools (or Elementary schools if you’re a Canadian or American) and Level 2 qualified in fitness instructing, which is what I wanna do for a career and hopefully that can lead me to become a Personal Trainer.

Before writing about traveling I actually had prior experience being a writer for a Motorsports website as I’m a big Motorsports fan. I enjoyed doing poetry and spoken word but then took a break from writing altogether to focus on getting a degree at Uni. It was then I realized that traveling was something I wanted to explore more after graduating from Uni.  I wanted to use it as a life experience where I can educate friends and family about the big wide world and thought. “Why not start a blog, I’ve got more free time on my hands now.” and here we are 40+ blog posts and 6+k page views later!

Where I Find Inspiration

I’m heavily inspired by the adventures and experiences of other travelers and travel bloggers when I read their blog posts, alongside my own travel stories too. They’re literally like petrol for my car when it comes to the urge to explore. Also the odd peek at Pinterest for blog post ideas in case I ever feel that content is gonna run dry.

What I enjoy most about writing/blogging is knowing when I’m putting pen to paper effectively. That there’s at least one person who’s reading about my experiences and learning a bit more about another country or city. That’s the main aim of the blog – to educate and tell (sounding more like BBC’s remit here haha) in my tone and. I love giving a platform for my audience to get to know other travelers who I feel produce great content if they’re a blogger or have their own story to tell but may or may not get the recognition they deserve – that’s why I always look to squeeze collabs with people when I can.

My Tips For Those Getting Into Blogging

My main tip for anyone looking to start a blog is quality over quantity. Simply put. Write what means most to you – the energy, passion, and connection you have with the experiences show in your posts.

A few other tips aside, I believe there’s no definite right or wrong way of blogging – as long as you’re writing about the stuff you say you’re gonna write about. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways. You just have to know the kind of voice you have and channel it.

Where Do I See Myself In The Next Year?

My dream has nothing to do with blogging, believe it or not. I see myself as a fitness instructor or personal trainer. I’ve got a hold of my Fitness Instructing a few weeks after issues with getting my certificate issued. It’s really invigorated that dream after a little lull. I’m looking to enroll in a training course that’ll start my own fitness classes and also at the same time applying for Fitness Instructing jobs at gyms full-time/part-time. I’m hopeful the last few years doing sports coaching can give me a hand on the experience front. If all goes well by this time next year. Fingers crossed. In 12 months, I’ll be working in a gym and running the outdoor classes in my spare time as a freelance.

What Are Some Of My Biggest Challenges

A big challenge for me is keeping up with engagement on a consistent basis. Not that I don’t enjoy engaging with other bloggers, the complete opposite but I have the tendency to drift off and do other things in other areas of my life!

Writer’s block and a drop in motivation to blog are also issues that crop up from time to time. Like I said before, Pinterest is something that I’ve found as a tool to explore different blog post ideas and I’m not reluctant on taking a break or two to recharge.

If you’re interested in learning more about John and his work you can check out his blog or Twitter.