Hi, I am Precious Udoh, the second child and first twin of a set. I am currently studying Marine Biology in a reputable university, the University of Lagos, in Nigeria; I’m in my finals. I started blogging about 2 years ago but not with hosting until late last year when I decided to purchase a domain name for my current blog. I’m very passionate about writing. In fact, I write on my mind, in bed and I ruminate a lot. I love helping people and writing has been my best medium in doing that, since I’m introverted.

When Did I Decide To Become A Writer

Hmm, I took some time for me to realize my dexterity. I just loved cooking up stories for English class works and homework; it was just part of me to write a letter to an uncle; who I didn’t know or to write a story about something and it was just perfect. I took it seriously at Junior High school where I wanted to publish a short story, I gave it to my English teacher to regularly check. Unfortunately, I misplaced the book and that stopped my zeal to an extent, but I still loved the English language because it was an opportunity to write and write. Now, I’m into all types of writing. If I’m given a tutorial to polish my writing skill, I’m good.

Where I Draw My Inspiration

Most times, inspiration comes from observation. Of course,  I am a scientist. Aside from being a scientist, I talk less and observe more. When o eventually want to comment, I find writing the best medium to do that. My ChallengesChallenges include people not believing in me. But,  I’ve learned that the people who believe in me are more those who don’t, so I’m fulfilled that I will be who I want to be. Another challenge is the issue of not knowing what to write on. Yeah, it happens to every writer. Most times, I ask my audience (a few of them) privately and they inspire me. Aside from that, I just pick up my phone, pen, and paper, laptop or what a view and I think of a topic and just write. From there, words come afterward.

My Advice

I’d advise a new blogger to be patient, be patient in typing and correcting typos; I was once guilty of that. I’d also advise a new blogger to publicize the blog posts in whatever way he/she can. Don’t think about opportunities so fast, think of growing your blog to an extent. Lastly, socialize with other bloggers. This is the secret to being successful as a blogger because you get to learn more pungent tips and you get to see opportunities that even Google might not be able to assist.

Where I See Myself Next Year

I am making more sacrifices in writing and advertising posts. I am also making several connections with other bloggers and giving opportunities to read posts and subscribe in order to create a bond. All my efforts are to make me fully grounded in blogging. I see myself obtaining an authority post in blogging next year. Lastly, I see myself occupying newspapers as a young achieved blogger in Nigeria.

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