Last week Facebook suffered a partial outage that affected users around the world. The outage went on for a little over 14 hours. It was the biggest interruption the social network has ever suffered. The outage affected not only Facebook, but it’s apps which included Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram which made people lose their minds. Not only did people go crazy companies lost a good chunk of money in advertising.

Life Without Social Media

It was interesting seeing how people reacted when the social media giant was down. When logging into Facebook users were greeted with an error message during the outage. On Instagram, some users were logged out of their accounts unable to log back in, while others weren’t able to upload or refresh their timelines. The outage forced people to focus on other things than mindlessly scrolling down timelines or taking selfies for their followers. Instead, people were forced to talk to each other and attend events or dinners without the pressures of posting content. By social media being down for a day society had to social in a more personal way than it has been in a long time.

Those who couldn’t let go of their addiction wasted time refreshing their apps all day.


The Outage Effects on Influencers/Business

For Businesses and Influencers, it had a major impact on their money. Sponsored, schedule posts that cost some companies around $10,000 were now essentially, worthless.

For influencers, it wasn’t as big of an issue as some made it out to be. Most influencer deals made on Instagram aren’t under contract, so they aren’t obligated to re-post or give refunds after their deals are done via DMs. Regardless, most smart influencers did the right thing and accommodated their employers. That move would help keep a good relationship with the companies for more long term work.

In the end, the outage showed how we as a society have been addicted to social media. Instead of it being just a way that we can connect to each other it became one of the most controlling aspects of our lives. Everything we do in our lives we feel like we have to post and share on social media. In those moments of wanting to keep others informed on what’s going on we forget to live in the actual moment. It was nice to live for a day without looking at timelines and double tapping photos. As for society, I feel cannot handle the loss of social media if Facebook was to suddenly end. I believe the loss of social media would cause even more social and mental issues than having it.