Earlier this morning Usher took to his Instagram to tease something that fans have begged for the last decade, Confessions II. The original album was produced mostly by Jermain Dupri and was one of the biggest R&B albums of the early 2000s.

Some Background on Confessions

The album sold 1.1 million copies in its first week in a time where record sales were dropping due to bootlegging and illegal downloads. Usher won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’. Confessions at the time was the second-best selling album of the 2000s according to Billboard.  When creating the album Usher said he wanted to be more personal and decided to name the project Confessions. He felt that he wanted to let some of his “skeletons” out of his closet. At the time he was dealing with the breakup with his former girlfriend Chilli of TLC. The timing of the album and the breakup added more hype and public interest into listening to the project.

For instance “Burn” was written and built around the ending of his relationship with Chilli. All of the songs weren’t about Usher’s own “confessions”, some were Jermaine Dupri’s. The title tracks ‘Confessions PT. I’ and ‘Confessions PT II.” were J.D.’s experiences, not Usher’s.



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Dis what yall want…

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What I Expect From Confessions II

If Usher is indeed working on the second installment of  Confessions there will be a lot for him to discuss almost 15 years after the latter. Since the last album, he’s been married and divorced twice. He’s also had some nasty rumors going around about having an STD among other things.  During the years he has remained mostly quiet about the negative things going on in his life so I’m hoping he brings the same energy to this album he did back in 2004 with the first one.

This album is what Usher needs to re-establish himself back at the top of the genre. He has been consistent with his output over the last couple of years. It just it seems like he’s been struggling with his place and identity in the genre today. Confessions II will be what gets him back to some of the things that made him great. I am ready to hear some classic Usher feels.