Being able to cross over into other platforms is now a key for creatives to be successful in today’s society.  The more that you can successfully, the more attention you bring to your brand. This doesn’t just apply to creatives, it also applies to small businesses, influencers, and celebrities as well. This is what we must do to keep up relevance in today’s climate.

Today the need to consume content has risen each year since the emergence of social networking. The question that’s commonly being asked is if having multiple socials hindering our creativity?

The Strains of Social Media

The time spent checking your devices for statuses and posts throughout the day can be astronomical. It’s reported that the average person spends 3 hours and 35 minutes checking social media a day. That means you would have to post three times a day during your users most active times to effectively stay relevant.  That’s overwhelming for most to do alone even with the help of social media tools. Checking updates and engaging with others consumes your production and creative thinking time. Even though it is helpful to communicate with others, it is important to limit your time to focus on your own work.

The Benefits  of Social Media

Nevertheless, social media is a huge part of what we do to promote ourselves and our craft. For instance, Instagram showcases visual brands like models, photographers, and videographers to promote themselves. While writers benefit more from Twitter since it’s a more text-based platform. Social media also serves as a source for feedback and criticism for creatives. It also helps some find inspiration. One of the best about social media is the ability to connect with so many people worldwide instantly and share your interests.

So, in the end, social media can go either way for a creative depending on your balance.  We have to keep in mind some things when using socials. Like limiting usage time and focusing mainly on the socials your main audience use and stay on brand. It’s so easy to fall into the rabbit hole when it comes to social media. So keep in mind your purpose while using it.