Over the last twenty years, the music industry has undergone so many changes. With the emergence of streaming and social media, the industry became more like the wild west. So much music began to be released on a more consistent basis people barely had time to digest it all. Because of this people started to share their thoughts on social media instead of blogging. All of these people, including experts are now taking the place of music blogs. Instead of discovering artists from a site or radio, people are instead discovering music by the word of mouth from social media and playlists.

Word of Mouth

There is no real formula these days for how to be discovered. Everyone has different sources they go to seek out new music. Most people, like myself, follow the journalists, artists, and producers we like who oftentimes influence us indirectly. It can come from a song playing in the background of their IG Live or album artwork shared on their feed.

Most artists that you listen to will most likely lead you to other artists that you will enjoy. That’s why it’s important for artists to align themselves with others who are like minded. Word of mouth is the most common way people are put on to new music today. Rather it’s from Joe Budden’s Podcast playing sleeper tracks or your best friend telling you to check out this new artist track you’re discovering through the word of mouth.

All of these ways that your discovering are by the word of mouth.

So what do new artists do to help them stand out and start a conversation?

They need to create a multilayered experience to be packaged along with their music.  They have to also think about how they want to communicate. Then figure out how they will incorporate it in everything they do. Artists also have to also remember to be authentic. Fans will connect with the real you and more than likely support you more by sharing and talking about you. This is how you create attention from the industry and ultimately be discovered on a greater scale.