A creative space is something that every creative should have. As a blogger, and someone who loves to write in general, it’s hard for me to stay disciplined without a special place dedicated to creating. It’s important for me to have a creative space where I can focus and clear my mind for whatever  I am working on. It’s also important for me to make sure that space is optimal for me to create. One thing that some people don’t realize that a creative space doesn’t actually have to be an office. It can be a corner in your house, a dining room table, or even a booth at your favorite cafe. Whatever space you choose you should make sure it boosts your focus and not hinder it.

My office is my sanctuary, my cave, and my war room. It’s a place where I go to create and brainstorm new ideas. Your creative space has to be a place where you can cut off all distractions. I feel like a creative space has to be solely for that even if its a desk in the corner of your bedroom (I’ve had to do this for years).

If you haven’t thought about creating that personal workspace now is a good time. Here are some of the elements that I feel are essential to have in this space. These are some things that I have implemented in my own set up that may help you put yours together.

Setting The Atmosphere

One of the biggest things to have in your workspace are things that inspire and relax you. For me, I love the feeling of being in a record or comic book store. So that’s what vibes I’m trying to recreate for myself. Having the colorful artwork from Marvel comic books on my walls help energize me while I create. Color equals energy. Whatever color palettes you love you should incorporate them into your space.

Having music in your workspace also helps you to be more productive. My favorite music for creative work tend to include instrumentals or scores from some of my favorite movies and video games. When I’m not listening to that I’m listening to old school hip-hop.

Set Aside A Space Away From The Desk

Create a space for scheming. Even if it’s a beanbag chair in the corner of the office it’s good to have an area where you can relax and just brainstorm. That area can also be a place where you can just read or meditate without having a laptop in front of you. I oftentimes just lay back and listen to music in that space.

Get The Tools You Need

Get the tools you need and keep them organized in your workspace. Invest in good quality equipment so you can operate like a professional. Whatever you do make sure your setup is always ready and that you have the resources needed to complete any task.

One important tool that I feel every space should have is a whiteboard and notebooks.  I like to write down my ideas and thoughts to keep track of them. A whiteboard will help you stay visually on track while you work. Mapping our your workflow will help you stay organized while you work. For me, I use a whiteboard/calendar to keep track of important dates and events.

Even though my own personal creative workspace isn’t complete yet, these are some of the things I am incorporating. If you haven’t created or begun your own workspace yet, I recommend you take the time to start. It will help you boost your production and give you an area to just do what you do best. Create!