For an artist who is known to not have features on his own projects, J. Cole has been busy being featured on other’s tracks. Over the last year, J. Cole has been featured on some of the hottest songs in the industry. From being featured on 6LACK’s ‘Pretty Little Fears’ to Young Thug’s ‘The London’, Cole has been adding his finesse to every song he’s been featured on. Some even would say he’s stolen the shine on the tracks he’s been. Regardless, it’s good to hear him on productions outside of his own. So with that let’s take a look at how Cole help set these singles to the top of the charts and potentially the artists he’s collaborated with to greatness.

6LACK feat. J. Cole

One of the first single he’s helped push in the last year was ‘Pretty Little Fears’ by 6LACK. 6LACK has been around for a while, but with the help of Cole, he’s reached a broader audience. The single itself was dropped shortly before the release of East Atlanta Love Letter. The popularity and anticipation for the collaboration helped the album gain attention off the bat. The single debuted at No. 76 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The song ultimately ended up at N0. 4 in Billboard’s top 30 best R&B songs of 2018.

21 Savage feat J. Cole – “A Lot”

Another major feature J. Cole has done this past year was on 21 Savage’s “A Lot”. The standout track put 21 Savage at the forefront when it comes to talks of the best song of the year. As 2019 came in the song exponentially grew in streams. It also jumped towards the top of the charts prior to his legal issues with immigration. Even though 21 didn’t need Cole’s help to send his album I Am > I Was to the top upon its release, but the feature gave 21 a staple track in his discography.

Ty Dollar $ign feat J. Cole – “Purple Emoji”

This is the latest feature that J. Cole has done. The track serves as Ty’s lead single on his third studio album $ex $ymbol. It was the first time the two has worked together. On the track that spans only 2:44 mins, J. Cole outshined Ty as they both reflected on their relationships with their significant others.

Even though there were other Cole features over the last year, these are some of the tracks in which I’ve felt he made the biggest impact. With these features, he is connecting to the generation after him which is amazing. A lot of artists don’t take the opportunity to these days. Truth is the effect of a J. Cole verse is monumental for an artist trying to promote an album. The J. Cole stamp has proven itself valuable and I don’t see it fading out no time soon.