Finding Your Rhythm In A World That Often Lacks One

You’ve just about checked your phone to the point that you get embarrassed for yourself, yet something just isn’t sitting right.

Deep down you’re wishing to see that one notification that’ll change your life forever.

But it just never appears.

So you keep going and hoping that maybe it’ll appear the next time you check.

It definitely doesn’t help to see the posts online where people are constantly “crushing it” without the feeling of bittersweet happiness creeping in.

Until one day you realize that the beat you’ve been living according to isn’t the one that feeds your soul the way it needs to be fed.

It just may be time to look at the beat you’ve been living to.

Let The Beat Build

A good beat doesn’t just appear. It builds over a period of time.

It’s when you try to skip the steps in the process that you end up with something that sounds like a hot mess.

Your life is much like that.

Spend too much time looking for a shortcut or trying to copy someone else’s rhythm and you’ll end up being a second rate production in your own life.

Sure, it sounds like a good way to go now but when time finds you in the hot seat and you’re wondering why you went that route, it may be too late.

Don’t be afraid to blaze your own path. What may work for someone else, may not be the best path for you.

Let’s stop and take a look at your life currently.

What are the places that you are going to visit? Is there anything that you would like to do but haven’t gotten around to doing it?

We all have a story that’s unfolding, walls that we have to climb, and a beat we follow.

Question is, what does the beat of your life currently say to you? Or the world?

Time To Go In

Are you on the sidelines of your life or actively going in and hard on your dreams?

Drake had a song that summed this up well in the hook. The song, “I’m Going In” that also featured Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy is one of those that just gets stuck in your head when you realize that your dreams are way too important to be left to chance.

The hook of the song is what really brings this point home. If you aren’t familiar with it the hook goes, “I’m goin’ in, I’m goin’ in, And I’ma go hard, and I’ma go hard.”

There’s just something about this track that just unlocks a productivity beast mode but the point is, whatever it is that you seek to accomplish, you have to go all in with everything you’ve got.

Otherwise, you’ll just be reacting to whatever the wind blows in your direction.

Have an idea you’ve been procrastinating on? Break off a small piece and get it done. Then repeat.

The little things over time do add up.

Every day that you show up for your goals is a day that progress is made but every day that you don’t just pushes you farther from your dreams becoming a reality.

Legacy Never Dies

Building a legacy seems to be the big trend these days but few realize that legacy has very little to do with them as the individual and more to do with how they’re viewed.

How an individual handles the good times and adversity reveals what their legacy will be.

Waiting for your “moment” is a pointless activity to engage in and the only legacy that comes from that isn’t one worth talking about.

If anything, it’s just a huge area where you may be embarrassed by the talents and opportunities you allowed to slip through your grasp.

So what if you fall along the way?

At least you’ll have the opportunity to get back up with an experience others who didn’t dare to try won’t have to leverage later down the road.

Life isn’t about achieving perfection and neither is it about collecting the most expensive things. Those are just distractions that keep you from developing your own beat.

To build a legacy that lives on in a positive way won’t be easy but it’ll definitely be worth every second you put in towards the cause.

There’s a song by a duo called The Siege called “I’m Coming Home” and within the hook there’s a part that goes, “I’m not done, I won’t run, When my time comes, You think you’ve won, Won’t be denied the prize I seek, Just leave a light on for me, Cause I’m coming home.”

No matter what life throws at you, it’s not over until you decide that it is.

You can either choose to run or face things head on but regardless of what you do it’ll speak to what your legacy will eventually be.

I hope that you choose to not give in because the world deserves to see the good you’ve been holding back out of fear or due to living by a beat that isn’t your own.

You’re existence is far greater than what you’ve been giving yourself credit for.

Are you ready to according to your own beat? Or are you still convinced it’s better to mimic someone else’s?

It’s time to abandon what society deems as success and define your own metrics for success.

You’ll find yourself much happier living by the beat of your own drum.