One of my favorite things to do is conversate with fellow creatives. In this conversation, I spoke with CherishingFlo who is a social media manager and blogger. I’ve followed her on Twitter for a good minute and enjoy the content and information she shares through her account. In this conversation, she shared some insight into her life as a creative and social media manager. Hopefully, you would get something out of this conversation that will help you in your creative process.

Hello, my name is Rikki. I am more known as CherishingFlo. I am a blogger, YouTuber, and social media manager and influencer. I am 24 years old and love inspiring and entertaining people. Making people smile and believe in themselves is my passion and the main purpose of most things I do along with just being the goofball that I am and sharing it with the world!

When did I realize I was a creative?

I realized I was a creative I guess after I realized I was one (lol). I never really thought about becoming a blogger or an influencer. I just started my blog because I wanted to. I wanted to write and so I did. Then I realized there was an entire community and I loved being a part of it all!

In 2015 I started my first WordPress blog because I just wanted to write. So I found out about WordPress and made an account and started writing randomly. In 2018 I decided to go self-hosted and take my blog more serious and so I hired a website designer to help me host and make my first official website which launched in October of 2018.

How I became a Social Media Manager

When it came to getting into Social media management it was by accident. I was already doing it for free for different people’s social platforms and businesses and never even considered it was something you could get paid for until someone told me they didn’t want me to do it for free and I should charge people and so then I just got started.

As a social media manager, I use a target audience to help startups and beginner businesses and influencers grow their audience reach. I do things they may not have time for like engagement, run ads, SEO research for hashtags, and things like that. I have both packages and I offer each service individually as well as a service.


My Inspiration

 I get my ideas mainly from my struggles. I will be struggling with an issue or be having a hard time with something and then wanna write about it and how to overcome it once I learn how. I also get ideas from some of my favorite influencers when I see something I relate to and can add something of value to. My favorite part is just typing up the words. I love everything about typing down to the clickety clackety sound when my nails hit the keys.

The Challenges

Consistency and authenticity were my biggest challenges. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of needing to post popular content that’s trending and needing to put out as much as possible. I overcame this by remembering that I’m doing this because I love it and I refuse to push myself to the point where I don’t love it anymore.  So I won’t post anything that’s not me and I decide my schedule and I won’t try to make myself post every single day cause that’s excessive.

My advice to creatives.

Do your research and listen to other’s advice, but also ALWAYS stay authentic and be yourself. No matter who you are and how out there you may be, there’s an audience out there just for you.


Next year I intend to make myself a full-time influencer. I have stepped up my working with brands and my organization skills with everything I do to make this happen!