Hello, my name is Khalipha Ntloko. I’m a 24-year-old BA Honours in Industrial Sociology graduate, Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Photographer specializing in Portraits and Flatlays. I’ve also been a blogger for just over 3 years, and have guest-written articles and interviewed for platforms such as Future Females and The Babe Blog

In 2018, I was a Top 25 finalist for the Canon Roadshow Portraiture competition. I was also featured as a budding self-portrait photographer on a W24.com article. As a Content Creator, I have worked with brands such as Revlon South Africa, Justine South Africa, Claire’s South Africa, Eat Naked Raw Food and Venga Drinks. My goal as a creative is to establish myself as a sought-after female photographer and one of the top creatives in South Africa.

When I Decided To Become A Creative

I’ve always been a naturally creative person – whether it was art or music or drama, creativity has always been a part of my life. So I don’t think I ever really realized when I decided to just create. Over time I just expanded and built on the creativity I was born with.

During my university/college years, I wanted to become a blogger because I wasn’t seeing enough black female bloggers and YouTubers based in Cape Town, South Africa. My blog and YouTube channel was the response to this issue I saw. Over time I evolved and expanded more on my creativity. I love writing for my Inspiration, Lifestyle, and Beauty blog. I just love creating awareness for brands through amazing visuals and love the photographic and video side to me I never knew existed.

Where I Find Inspiration

I’m inspired by the various aspects of my life and the things I come across and the problems that need to be solved in life. Usually I pick a Sunday and dedicate that to creating my content, but still give myself the freedom to be inspired by the environment I may find myself in. The internet is also a huge source of inspiration, especially for my blog and video content.

I’ve been inspired by the things people tweet, brands that want to work with me to create brand awareness or a video I’ve watched. (P.S. Peter McKinnon is my biggest source of videography and cinematography inspiration. I’ve probably watched all of his YouTube videos because he’s just THAT good!)

The Challenges

Getting my head out of the clouds in terms of being creative for the fame, high numbers, or wanting to be some kind of ‘influencer’ were things I had issues with. We live in a world that considers these metrics and terms something to aspire to, but I’ve worked towards not doing my creative work for these things.

I remembered the joy I had from when I was younger and never even knew about ‘influencers’. When you don’t think about trying to aspire to be an influencer you don’t feel so limited in thinking or the creative thought process because the goal is to create something that is fundamentally you – authentic and genuine but also high quality.

Another challenge I’ve come across is working with the equipment I have at this moment. I have so many creative ideas in mind that require specific gear that I don’t always have access to. I would love a Canon 1DX Mark II but I’m far from being able to afford it, but then I remind myself that this is a journey. Whilst the gear will take some time to get, I shouldn’t let that stop me from doing what I love – creating written or visual content.

My most-watched YouTube video was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S5. That phone isn’t the best quality phone, but I still created a video that people found highly valuable – which is how I overcame this challenge; understanding that there is value in the work I create.


My Advice

Every piece of art that you create, be sure to always be proud of it! No one else in this world can do what you do! There is a uniqueness in that, so don’t wait to be applauded by others. Keep creating, even when no one is clapping because I can guarantee you that someone is watching you and the valuable work that you’re bringing to the world.

Also, don’t be afraid to collaborate with other creatives. As a budding photographer, I’ve approached several people to take their portraits. It took many shots before I finally captured the image that Canon eventually recognized for their competition and my model is a professional at dancing. All it took was reaching out to her.

P.S. Please rest. As a creative, we need to give ourselves a break from all the things we create. The creative juices may flow but if you feel yourself needing to take a moment away from creating, do it.

My Goals

In the next year, I see myself as a Digital Marketer, but I would have positioned myself better as an expert in the field. When it comes to my content, I’m aiming to work with bigger beauty and lifestyle brands and growing my platforms in terms of my audience (without compromising on the quality I pride myself in giving).

I have a YouTube channel, but I want to establish it as one of the top South African channels for vlogs and cinematic videos. As a photographer, the goal is to keep photographing as many faces as I can in my effort to become one of the most sought after portrait photographers in South Africa, and a well-known or recognized flat lay photographer in the world. Also, I hope to win a Canon Roadshow competition and become one of their ambassadors. These goals may be big and audacious, but I believe in going big or going home – and I am not going home anytime soon.