When it comes to getting revenge Omarion has given us the master class on how to correctly and effectively get it. As most of you know, over the year Omarion has been in the middle of the drama amongst his bandmates, particularly Lil Fizz. Over the last year or so Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones have gone from ‘best friends’ to openly saying they are in a relationship on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. The two have known each other for a while since Fizz and Omarion were friends and oftentimes hung out together on the show so you would think Fizz would respect O by not going there with the mother of his kids right? I guess not.

Since Fizz and Apryl came out as being a couple Omarion has been relatively quiet and seemly unbothered by the news. On Instagram, he continued life as normal and even been seen smiling more than ever. It seemed like Omarion wasn’t taking the bait and didn’t even care about the situation until he made his announcement about the return of The Millennium Tour.

The Millennium Tour

With the return of the Millennium Tour Omarion showed us how to get revenge like a boss. On what turned out to be Fizz’s birthday Omarion announced that the tour will not include B2k, but Bow Wow as his co-headliner. The tour will also feature Soulja Boy, Lloyd, Ying Yang Twins, and Pretty Ricky. O flipped the negative situation that his bandmates tried to put him into what will be a highly profitable one. Omarion understands that when you’re trying to teach someone a lesson, you got to play the long game.



The previous Millennium Tour has generated more money for B2K than any of their previous tours. They netted more in the first three cities of their tour than they made on their last tour which only netted $4.5 million. So just imagine how much each member took home and lost from being dropped off the tour.

Omarion Checkmates

On IG Live J-Boog blamed the group’s exclusion solely on Fizz. He said, “This is a great year. We got some things goin’ on, and uh, Fizzle Pop ruined everything. I wouldn’t say he ruined everything, but about 99% of it, though.”

Did Fizz really think he was going to get the bag and the girl? Why would you pick a fight with the person who can control your cash flow?

Instead of participating in the back and forth Omarion chose to play the endgame. He used the press around the situation to promote himself and the upcoming tour. His attitude and strategic moves around the situation has put him in a position to have a huge year. This situation is the perfect rollout for Omarion’s 2020. Next year I suspect that he will also drop his long-awaited project to kick it all off.

Will you be attending the Millennium Tour this year?