After the situation rose between Fabolous asking the internet sensation Shiggy to do a promotional Instagram post for one of his recent single ‘Choosy’ the question of rather friends should charge friends for promotion arose again.  Fabolous asked Shiggy to do the #ChoosyChallenge and Shiggy asked that he would like to be paid for his efforts.  Even though Fabolous understood and said he wouldn’t pay him out his own pockets, but instead ask his label pay. Casanova made an issue out of Fab even being asked for payment, rather than doing as a favor. So as a creative and a friend is it wrong to ask for payment instead of helping a friend out?

Well in this instance I personally feel there’s nothing wrong with it. In the past Shiggy did a dance on his Instagram that promoted Drake’s ‘In My Feelings,’ It gave Drake a huge promotion for the track. There wasn’t an agreement for him to promo and Shiggy missed out on a lot of money. After the @ShiggyChallenge became viral the track topped the charts after debuting at the number six spot on the Billboards. For these reasons alone Shiggy had all the right to ask for payment before promotion. Shiggy has shown that he’s worth the investment.

Now for creatives who aren’t as established and proven it depends on the situation. It’s a topic that a lot of us have been debating for a while. It is never wrong to ask for payment for a service. I feel that it depends on the relationship with the person and the job. Services that will require time and resources there should be compensation. Especially if it will generate revenue for you.

What are your thoughts on this debate? Was Fabolous wrong for asking Shiggy for this favor?