It’s a new year and we all have dreams and goals for it. For me, I want to be able to be more personal with my writing on the blog. I also want to share more of the process of branding and creating quality content. So to kick off a new year in blogging and creating let me start with some goals that every creator should have going into 2020. These will be the three main things that I feel will have a huge impact in connecting others to your work. Let’s start by personalizing your brand.

Personalizing Your Brand

One thing that a lot of people forget is to have a personal touch to their brand. Readers and customers relate to people, not products. If they can relate to your brand in a more personalized way, they will be more likely to trust it. Finding a way to connect with your audience and build relationships the first thing you should think about. For instance, I prefer using storytelling to help build a connection with others. By sharing my thoughts and experiences most of my following either relate or share their opinions building that connection between me and them.

Another example is taking a look at your favorite Instagram influencer. They show you different aspects of their daily lives along with some of the products they use, promoting them in the process. Their followers aren’t focused on the products these influencers are promoting, but the life the influencer lives through their images and IG stories.

Social Media

Having engagement and quality content on social media is a must. The majority of information these days is shared via social media. Rather it’s through friends on Facebook or stories on Instagram, people spend more time on socials than anything else online. By plugging in what we said about having a personalized brand, social media is the perfect place to implement this. Engaging with like-minded people and sharing your opinions is a good way to connect with those who would be more interested in what you are doing. Building a following and consistently engaging with them will build interest in whatever you’re working on. This leads me to my last point of focus for the year in creating valuable content.

Creating Valuable Content

This is probably one of the biggest things that we all should focus on this year. Creating valuable content. Good content that’s informative and adds value to someone’s life will always be sought after. People are always looking to get something they can’t get anywhere else that adds value to their lives. By creating quality content across all platforms will help streamline people to you and what your product.