My name is Lydia Marumo and I’m from South Africa. I’m studying for a diploma in radio production. I blog, make YouTube videos and create a bit of art in my spare time (I’m also the subject of some of my friends’ photography portfolios sometimes). I like art in all its forms- music, dance, sculptures, paintings, and literature. I’m a sucker for all of that and it’s probably something I can credit my outlook on life to.

I’m mostly into writing and in my free time, I write fantasy genre books. I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint (I was never good at it in high school when I took art) so I’m teaching myself to draw all over again. I’d like to make my books or drawings/ paintings an extra source of income someday since I’m so passionate about both hobbies. I’d also like to start a clothing line someday.

How I Got Into Creating

For starters, I don’t have the luxury of going out to buy stationery whenever I feel like it. When I was getting into writing as a kid, I wrote all my stories by hand on loose pieces of paper until we were able to get me a computer to work from. I don’t have special pens or pencils to draw with so I use what I have… I think I just channel the happiness of just doing something I love. Focusing on that feeling takes away the lacking feeling of not having certain things to work with. If I constantly looked at what I don’t have, I’d never start; I’d always wait for “one day”.


My driving quote is “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.,” and that’s what I live by (creatively, especially). Just do it if it makes you happy; get started. Once I realized I literally had everything I needed to start, I stopped waiting for ‘better’ things to find me. Also, a lot of people shy away from embracing what they do, just because it doesn’t bring them any money. If you dedicate time and energy into a hobby/ passion, you are what you create. Not everything you do should be for the purpose of making money either. Make art to enjoy yourself and if it’s meant to be bought/ appreciated by others, it will. Just don’t go into anything with the mindset that you’re in it for the money.

My Goals

I definitely want to become a published author. I’m still working on all my drafts with no rush to present anything to an agency but I’m happy taking my time with it. Right now I’m just focusing on doing things I love in small segments. I don’t have solid plans for my creations but I do have some for my career in the media and entertainment industry and rebranding my YouTube channel is definitely step one… and my clothing line.

Here’s Some Advice

Just have fun with what you do and love it. People are drawn to the energy and we can absolutely feel it in the things people present to us as products or services and we’ll always appreciate more of the things that make us feel loved. Don’t wait for better- start today with what you have and the rest will find you.


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