Yesterday a fan clown posted a video of her clowning Yung Joc for being a driver for a rideshare service called Pull Up N Go. The internet also decided to join her as she tried to shame him for simply working. It seems like everyone wants to find reasons to put someone down to get views and likes. I personally find this to be one of the many issues with our community. Instead of being ecstatic for meeting him she decided to use it to boost her popularity by talking down on the situation.

Appearing on TMZ in the rideshare’s logoed cap, Joc explained that he decided to be a driver to meet people. He also stated that he wanted to show by his actions the value of working. He’s been known here in Atlanta for working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Outside of driving for Pull Up N Go, Joc is also a radio personality, a regular on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, and just opened a new club. So he doesn’t need the extra cash from driving.

But On The Flip Side

So shortly after the video got attention all over the internet Joc shared a screenshot of his Pull Up N Go account page. With the caption “Anybody need a ride? I know they gonna hate but somebody wanna get wasted and get to their destination safe and sound. Download the app and I just might #PullUpNGo.” 

This post sort of makes a lot of us believe this was some sort of marketing scheme instead of just a hobby. The app recently launched and this gives it a ton of promotion. For those who know Joc he’s no stranger to creative marketing. He’s been making multiple streams of income his entire career. This just seems to be another hustle he’s promoting.

Either way, the situation shows us how people really do each other. Hopefully, a lesson is learned out of this seemingly marketing scheme.