We are one month into the new year and we’ve seen a consistent flow of new music. For me, I am still stuck on a couple of projects from last year that has high replay value for me. That’s something rare for an artist to do these days. Most focus on having singles that land at the top of the charts instead of an album that does. There are a few artists that do still care about putting out solid projects and I’m here for that. So here are some of the projects that are still in heavy rotation for me as we close out January.  If you haven’t given these projects a listen hopefully you go back and really check them out.

Young Thug – SO MUCH FUN

This is probably the album that tops my rotation of music at the moment. So Much Fun is probably Thug’s most well-received project to date. Let him tell it it isn’t his favorite project. He noted in an interview that this is the first project he rapped primarily in his regular voice. Thug likes to challenge himself by changing his voice while he performs his verses and by not doing so on this album it bored him. The reason he decided to not change the tones of his voice is to allow his listeners to clearly understand what he was saying.

Regardless, this is a project that I just can’t get enough of. Even if you’re not a fan of Thugs you can appreciate this project. As you progress through the album you can just tell that he was having fun. The key tracks for me include “Hot” feat. Gunna, “Just How It Is”, “Surf” feat. Gunna, and “Circle of Bosses” feat. Quavo. The project got a recently extended cut in which he added a couple more tracks extending the fun.

Chris Brown – INDIGO

It’s nothing new for Chris Brown to give us a solid project even if it has over 40 tracks. True the project would be better if it was shortened to just all the hot joints. Yet Indigo has extremely high replay value for me. Yes, I do skip songs, but I listen to the majority of the album every time I play it. The main reason Chris drop so much music on one project is to get tons of streaming credits per listen. Not going into the specifics, he’s going platinum almost three times faster by everyone just listening to the entire project at least two times.


Regardless I completely love this project. He released this project with an extended version that pushed the total track count to 42. Out of the 42 tracks, there are a solid two albums worth of music.  Some of my favorite cuts include, “Indigo”, “Overtime”, “Come Together” feat. HER, “Heat” feat. Gunna, ” and “Under the Influence.”

Tory Lanez – Chixtape V

First of all, I am not a Tory Lanez fan by far. Listening to his voice just annoys me, but I got over that listening to Chixtape V. When the project first dropped I had a hard time listening to the entire thing because of his voice. Over time I got over it and paid more to the music and overall composition of the project. This is probably one of the most put-together projects I’ve heard in a while. That is a key factor that gives this project a high replay value. How he managed to flip some of the most popular songs from the early 2000s was also what made this a special project.

So in closing, these three albums are the ones that I am continuously listening to in their entirety. I am more invested in artists that can give me an entire body of work instead of singling me to death. What albums are you listening to? Let me know.