So I was laying around listening to music and noticed how 6LACK and Khalid have been featured on a ton of music over the last couple of years. They have silently been two of the hottest artists in the industry. Even though their style of R&B isn’t too popular in the mainstream, it is a growing sound on the underground circuits. This is primarily the main reason why they have been highly sought after for features. Over the last two years or less, 6LACK  alone has been featured on over 40 tracks. So in that light, let’s take a look at 6LACK and Khalid has helped shape this growing style of R&B.

The Introduction of Mood Music

In 2016 6LACK’s debut album, Free 6LACK gave us a new look at the growing genre of mood music. Mood music has been around before this, but it was more in a darker tone. The Weeknd’s earlier projects are a form of mood music. The difference between his and the mood music of today is that today’s type is lighter in tone. Just a year after 6LACK’s album Khalid followed suit with his American Teen album which added to this brand of music.

In 2018 mood music became more common in the mainstream thanks to these two. The success of 6LACK’s East Atlanta Love Letter (2018)  showed that this sound overall is growing and becoming a thing that opens doors for a lot of unknown artists. Khalid solidified my theory by releasing two projects right after with Free Spirit (2019) topping charts in 2019. Looking back now, Khalid has served as a staple on a lot of things pertaining to this genre.

Khalid & 6LACK

Pushing The Sound Forward

Now that this sound is growing more popular it has put the two in higher demand for lesser-known artists to obtain a feature to gain some nationwide attention. Thanks to their features I have found a lot of amazing artists with similar sounds. A whole world of good music has opened up thanks to them. The two each have over 50 features over the last two years which is remarkable. The majority of the features have been with artists I personally haven’t listened to. It’s interesting to me to just sit back and look over how artists shape and push forward the music they love. Maybe this will be a thing for me. Sharing these details with you all.

(BTW 6LACK and Khalid are best friends as well.)

What are some of your favorite 6LACK and Khalid songs? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet. Until next time. Peace.