DVSN is preparing to release their third album A Muse In Her Feelings in March and I am so ready. For those who aren’t familiar with the group, we will take a look back at their journey to this point in this career. From working on Drake’s Nothing Was The Same in 2015 until now, the group has evolved into one of the best artists today in R&B. Comprised of producer Nineteen85 and Daniel Daley the duo has two top ten Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop albums already. So let’s dive into this group’s rise to popularity among today’s R&B lovers.

The Beginnings

Producer Nineteen85, also known as Paul Jefferies, was a protogé to Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib. Together they produced Drake’s “Too Much”. The relationship between the two opened a door for DVSN to become apart of OVO SOUND. In 2015 Drake shared some of DVSN’s tracks on his OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music. That act put the duo on a lot of people’s radars before their debut album Sept 5th. The album’s name is actually the date that Drake shared their music on the show a year prior. The duo signed their deal with the label just a month before it’s release in March of 2016.  The duo’s second album Morning After went in the top ten on the Billboards as well in October 2017.

My favorite of the two albums is still their first project and the loose singles from around that period in 2016. Via their Soundcloud, they have released remixes to Aaliyah’s One In A Million,” a tribute to Prince with “Purple Rain”, and another tribute to Marvin Gaye with “Let’s Get It On.”


Now that they have two albums behind them they are trying to evolve even more and take that next step. With A Muse In Her Feelings, the two are taking a different approach than their norm. According to Nineteen85, the duo is adding more of a hip-hop element to their music. It has been seen in their first two offerings from the upcoming project. It’s evident in their collaboration with Future with “No Cryin’.” The single has more of a trap sound to it, which the duo has never had in their music.

“We’ve found the place that [R&B] should go, just by being true to what we love. There is a whole wave of artists that are being so real and so true to themselves. That’s all R&B needed — a jolt of reality.

– Daniel (via Billboard)

I’m excited to see what these two will do going forward. I am totally invested in their music thus far. Have you ever checked out DVSN? What is your favorite track or album from the duo? Sound off.