Since the decline of physical sales of albums in favor of streaming music artists had to get creative to sell records. One of the ways was bundling albums along with merchandise. Even though it isn’t a new tactic, more artists adopted this method to help boost sales. As of late Travis Scott has been the most successful pushing artists to follow suit. In its first week, Astroworld earned a total of 537,000 equivalent album units, and of that sum, 270,000 were traditional album sales. The result of this helped him stay in the top 10 for the entire seventeen weeks the album was listed. Because of the success of this method, it became a normal practice for artists to offer bundles.

Why are artists doing this now?

To get a sale an artist has to either sell one digital album or physical. On the streaming side, they have to get 1250 streams for that album to count as a sell. So the goal is to get people to buy the album in its entirety even if its packaged as a bundle.

Every artist doesn’t have to take this route because of their fan base. Artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chris Brown, and Rihanna fans will buy or stream their albums heavily regardless.

More artists will continue to do this but only a select few will be successful at it. The main reason some are successful at this is because of their fanbase. They have to be willing to drop the money for the merchandise. Going back to Travis Scott his merchandise was amazing. His fanbase is extremely strong as well which made it a win-win situation for him. On the other hand, Lil Wayne, who has a good fan base, couldn’t be as successful due to poor merchandise.

Have you ever brought any merchandise from an artist you like? I myself brought some exclusive vinyl from a couple of artists over the last couple of years.