Coronavirus cases in the US are still growing affecting more and more events as time goes on. Due to this music festivals are canceling due to health risks. SXSW and Ultra Music Festival are the most recent to cancel. Art and other festivals are also following suit to help reduce threats to event-goers.

The cancellation of SXSW in Austin, Texas was due to an “announcement of disaster” in the city. Which overall shuts down a lot of events in the city including the festival.

“Based on the recommendation of our Public Health Officer and Director of Public Health, and after consultation with the City Manager, I’ve gone ahead and declared a local disaster in the city,” said Adler. “And associated with that, I have issued an order that effectively cancels SXSW for this year.”

Mayor Steve Adler

This announcement days ago took the matter out of the festival’s hands which brings up a new issue to those who were planning to attend. Today reports came from SXSW and Ultra Music Festival that they will not be refunding money to attendees. Instead, they offer them to attend a later festival. It’s understandable since they probably made deposits to vendors and artists who were scheduled to perform. Yet it sucks for festival-goers who lost out on their money. Usually, these sales are final as is so they are within their right to do this. This is one reason why I always purchase insurance on my tickets.

Other concerts and tours have been rescheduled across the US over Coronavirus concerns. Of course, we all know the effects on our lives so even though it sucks we have to lose some things we enjoy until it’s dealt with.