Last year was a real challenging year for a lot of people including myself. When I sit here and look back at 2016 all I can say is that it was the year of destruction. Last year a lot of things were torn down to the bare frames which includes my life. It disappoints me to not make much progress in my writing and ability to share my creativity with others due to the stress that was put on me from my life. Ultimately I had to give up on that dream and refocus on restructuring myself. Now that that’s in motion I can find the energy and time to rebuild my work which is TheBrokenRobotz.

My plans now are different than what I planned for it to be. The original reason I decided to start writing was to express myself more. Rather I felt like talking about my love in music or just tell a story about something that happened to me TheBrokenRobotz will be that platform. In times like this I need to do what I needed to be doing all along which was expressing myself in words on my blog.