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Creatives… Know Your Worth…

Over the last decade, creatives have begun to make their presence known in our culture. Creatives have been influencing the culture in multiple facets and large companies have been noticing. So creatives please know your worth because over the years we have given away million-dollar ideas and received chump change in return. Continue Reading

SZA Shows That She’s Evolving As An Artist

Over the last week, there has been a lot of excitement around one of R&B’s most loved artist SZA. After three years she’s released her first single “Hit Different” which features Ty Dolla $ign. The track also contains production from The Neptunes. “Hit Different” marks the end of her hiatus from music after losing her grandmother; who was featured on the outro of “Garden (Say It Like Dat).” The single was released on Friday, September 4th, and was accompanied by a visual that she also directed. So in celebration of her return to music lets take a look back at her career and accomplishments so far.

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Why I Choose My Music Library Over Streaming

Over the last couple of years, streaming has become the main way people consume music. The ease of having music at your fingertips without the hassle of downloading or buying physical copies has made this the most preferred way to listen to music. Yet, there is something special about listening to my music library on my iPod.

There isn’t the distraction of receiving notifications, text messages, or emails while listening to my music. It’s something about seeing how much music you own that just makes me feel good. It doesn’t matter if the music was downloaded or ripped, the time spent collecting the music added value to it. This is why I will always love my music library collection.Continue Reading

A Conversation: Lydia Marumo

My name is Lydia Marumo and I’m from South Africa. I’m studying for a diploma in radio production. I blog, make YouTube videos and create a bit of art in my spare time (I’m also the subject of some of my friends’ photography portfolios sometimes). I like art in all its forms- music, dance, sculptures, paintings, and literature. I’m a sucker for all of that and it’s probably something I can credit my outlook on life to.Continue Reading

A Conversation With Creatives: Natonya

Hello, my name is Natonya and I graduated from my university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. Now I’m taking a high interest in Fashion PR. My ultimate goal is to launch a body-positive clothing line with a magazine to accompany it. In the meantime, I run JustNatonya, which is my lifestyle blog. Through fun interviews, easy style tips, inspiring lifestyle stories, and beauty secrets it focuses on empowering people to be their best selves.

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