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How to Better Take Care Of Your Mental Health In The New Year.

The new year is upon us and a lot of us have made resolutions for 2018, many things  like getting fit and making better financial decisions are at the top of a lot of people’s list, but what does improving  your mental health falls on the list? Do people even think about improving their mental health along with  their physical? How would you even prepare yourself mentally to be better and improve your mental health? Well here are some ways you can take better care of your mind in the upcoming year.Continue Reading

How Hip-Hop is Tackling The Conversation of Mental Health

As of late mental health has become more of a common topic in the media. It’s reported that the suicide count is rising, making it the 10th cause of death in the U.S. as of this year. Over the years suicide, depression, and addiction has become some of the most prominent topics among hip-hop artists. Because of this, some listeners attribute their lives being saved by these lyrics and songs. Being able to have the feeling that you are not alone in a situation is what people need to have to help get over their situation.Continue Reading