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Ever since the beginning of the pandemic a lot of industries have been adjusting to keep themselves in business. Some of the hardest-hit industries have been the restaurant, hospitality, and traveling business. Because of this a lot of influencers who made a living doing campaigns for these industries found themselves out of work as well.

In recent years influencers have become a real business on Instagram and YouTube. These “content creators” filled feeds with curated content that showed a certain lifestyle centered around a certain niche or audience. Influencers made their living mostly by securing sponsored product deals and brand collaborations. Some influencers enjoyed perks like free trips and invite to private parties. Brands also provided free clothes, and other items for these content creators to include in their posts and videos.

Most brands froze their campaigns in fear of looking tone-deaf or insensitive during the pandemic and even more during protests. This left content creators in search of things to keep them relevant until life return to some kind of normalcy.

The New Normal For Influencers

More influencers are now showing more of themselves in natural light instead of the fantasy life they usually portray. In today’s climate followers aren’t interested in seeing influencers flaunt luxurious things when so many are uncertain about how their bills are going to be paid. Insensitivity is one of the fastest ways an influencer can lose followers. Not only does it affects influencers it also affects the brands they represent.

Brands aren’t excluded from these rules. The same rules apply to them as well. Since the pandemic began a lot of companies had to backpedal and rethink how they market their products. If it wasn’t because of the pandemic, it was because of the Black Lives Matter protests that were going on.

The Black Lives Matter’s Influence

When thinking about the time period around the murder of George Floyd it was a real tense time for companies. The pressure was on for major companies to be supportive of the cause in fear of losing some of their consumers. It also presented opportunities for black creatives to become even more relevant and excel. Black creatives expressed themselves on and off social media in extraordinary ways. More organizations opted to take on more creatives to help them cater to their brand’s promotions to this movement.

A lot of independent brands began to produce clothing and other products to help promote the movement. It was an amazing thing, but also raised concerns that some were doing it solely for profit and not to raise awareness. Nevertheless, social media was flooded with influencers sharing their favorite BLM items. Influencers also aimed to show that they were for the cause by sharing a lot of content around the protests.

This year overall has been one for the books. Most aspects of everyday life have changed because of the pandemic and racial tensions that have been building around the country. Influencers along with everyone else have had to learn to adapt the best way they can. As for having a career as an influencer, it’s still out there. It’s just not as lavish as it once was with all the bells and whistles. As for it being a substantial source of income, it may not be what it once was for a long time.

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