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”Everybody has an opinion, but these are mine…”

These were the first words that I wrote on this blog in 2006. At the time thebrokenrobotz.com was created as a platform for me to express myself. Rather it’s personal thoughts, music, our culture, or just conversations with other creatives, this blog is the outlet I created to do just that.

So here’s more information about me.  My name is Gabeal Davis and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I studied Information Technology at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia. During my time in college, I also took the time to learn how to code and build websites. Photography was also another passion of mine at the time.

Now as we enter into 2020 I have decided to rebrand my blog to share more than just music editorials and insights into the life of creatives.  In the upcoming year, the mission of the blog is evolving. There will be more insights on the life of creatives along with my point of view on various things personal and impersonal.

So sit back and relax and take a look at the life of a creative and music lover.